Magic Cube by GSG

Introducing Magic Cube - the exclusive virtual billboard that takes your brand to the next level!

Magic Cube by GSG

Virtual Billboard NFT

Introducing Magic Cube - the exclusive virtual billboard that takes your brand to the next level! With Magic Cube, you have the power to customize each side of your own unique NFT asset, making your advertising experience one-of-a-kind. To make your cube uniquely yours, you can customize each side of it with your own branded art, but please note that there is a service charge for this customization service. What's more, as a cube owner, you can rent out advertising space on your cube, turning it into a business opportunity to offer ad space to other brands. Act fast, because with only 500 cubes available for minting, this is an exclusive opportunity you won't want to miss!

Format: ERC-721

Network: Binance Chain

Circulating Supply: Connect Wallet...

Max Supply: Connect Wallet...



View the collection on Opensea and contract address on Binance Chain. View the current cube NAMES LIST to find your name!

The Magic Cube Story

In 2019, GSG Marketing initiated a digital social experiment called 80/20 that aimed to create a crypto ecosystem where members could benefit from a significant portion of the profits generated. Under this model, 20% of the profits are distributed among members while the remaining 80% is held in reserve to back the GS50 token. To commemorate the members who joined the experiment, GSG Marketing created the Magic Cube NFT, an interactive digital billboard that allows owners to personalize their NFTs with their own markings. The first 100 cubes were branded with the names of the members who helped create the ecosystem by joining Patreon, making each cube a unique representation of the member who owned it. As the experiment gained momentum, the Magic Cube NFT became a symbol of the power of community and the potential of crypto to transform the world.

The Magic Cube NFT has potential uses beyond its value as a digital collectible. One potential use is as a marketing tool. The interactive nature of the cube and its ability to be branded with personalized markings make it an ideal platform for promoting products, brands, and events. Another potential use is as a reward system. By issuing Magic Cubes as rewards for specific actions or achievements, businesses and organizations can incentivize desired behaviors or foster a sense of community among their customers or members. Additionally, the Magic Cube NFT could be used in gaming and virtual worlds as a customizable asset that players can use to express their individuality and achievements. Overall, the Magic Cube NFT's versatility and customizability make it a valuable asset with diverse potential uses in the digital world.

The Magic Cube Billboard

Looking for a unique and innovative way to show your support for the GSG crypto experiment? Look no further than the Magic Cubes on the Binance Blockchain! These virtual billboards allow you to display your name and custom designs for all to see. As the owner of a cube, you have exclusive control over its design and can update it as often as you like. Plus, each cube is an ERC 721 NFT format, making it a valuable digital asset. Join the GSG community and showcase your support with a Magic Cube today!

The cube rebranding service allows customization of 5 out of 6 sides of the cube for advertising purposes. Cube owners can add their company logos, messages, or any other desired images. Offensive images or language will not be accepted by our team.

We understand the importance of creating a unique and personalized cube that perfectly fits your style and personality while still maintaining the same look and feel as the rest of the NFT collection. That's why our design team is dedicated to working with you throughout the entire customization process to ensure that your cube is exactly the way you want it.

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Where will the Cubes Be Seen?

The Magic Cube virtual billboard is a unique and valuable digital asset that can be displayed on the Binance Blockchain. As an ERC 721 NFT format, the cube can be easily viewed on-chain and within wallets. However, the potential of these virtual billboards extends beyond the traditional realm of NFTs. GSG is actively working with developers and project managers to integrate the Magic Cube into virtual worlds, allowing for even greater visibility and exposure for the cube owner's brand or message. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology and virtual worlds, the Magic Cube offers a cutting-edge advertising solution that is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

In addition to being displayed on the Binance Blockchain and in virtual worlds, the Magic Cube can also be featured on websites that are developed by GSG and its partners. This opens up a whole new avenue of exposure for the cube owner's brand or message, allowing for even greater reach and engagement. By integrating the Magic Cube into websites, GSG and its partners are able to create an immersive and dynamic user experience that is sure to capture the attention of visitors. With the Magic Cube, advertising is no longer limited to traditional mediums but can now be seamlessly integrated into the digital landscape, offering a unique and exciting way to showcase your support for the GSG social crypto experiment.

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Cube Strategy

Cube owners have the opportunity to rent out space on their cubes for advertising purposes by engaging the rebranding service. The rebranding service will help cube owners to update their promotional materials, including logos, messaging, and other brand elements. This can help to effectively communicate the brand's message to potential clients and drive sales. Once the advertisement is installed, cube owners must maintain their rental agreement with the client. This includes regular checks to ensure the advertisement is in good condition and that the advertiser is satisfied. By maintaining a strong rental agreement, cube owners can generate additional income from their cubes and build long-lasting relationships with their advertising clients. Ultimately, renting out ad space on cubes can provide a win-win situation for both the cube owner and advertiser.


In the case of the Magic Cube NFT, metadata is particularly important as it provides valuable information about the rebranding history and ownership of each cube. With the rebranding service, owners can update the metadata with their own information, creating a verifiable record of ownership and transfer history. This is especially relevant in the digital art market, where provenance is a critical factor in establishing the value and authenticity of a piece of art. By maintaining a transparent record of each cube's ownership and rebranding history, the Magic Cube NFT creates a unique and genuine piece of digital art that collectors can trust and appreciate.

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Phase One

Deploy the Cubes

There are 500 cubes that can be minted at the price of 0.1 BNB. After they have all been minted you will have to buy them on the open market.

Phase Two

Luanch Rebranding Service

Rebranding your cubes will be a simple and easy. This will be an ongoing service for cube holders and payment will be made in BNB or GS50 Tokens. This service also generates transactions for The 80/20 staking pools.

Phase Three

Release Cube API

The Magic Cube primary mission is to be a virtual billboard system that anyone can use. We will have API that is easy to implement on any website. Just a few lines of code and you can run the NFT Billboard system.

Phase Four

AR/VR and Metaverses

The cubes will be available in different formats so they can easily be integrated into different metaverses running Unreal Engine or Unity. We want the cubes to have maximum exposeure possible in the digital world.

Rebranding Your Cube

Step 1: Become a Cube Owner

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Step 2: Fill Out the Form

Personalize your Magic Cubes by uploading images and personal messages.

Step 3: Place Your Order

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