Leonard Jones Music

Professional Drummer and Blockchain Adventuer. Lenny's Llamas available on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.

Leonard Jones

Lenny's Llamas

A collection of 9 Llamas backed by original music and animation. Lenny's Llamas was created by Leonard Jones, a well-known drummer from Virginia, who was inspired to create the NFT after touring the Safari and spotting the Llama.

This collection also spotlights the music and production skills of Lenny as the beats are his work also. Artists that would like to collaborate with Lenny Bones must own a Llama to get into his beat club.

Visit Lenny's Llamas on Opensea to see the current supply and animated movie.

Format: ERC-721

Network: Polygon and BSC

Max Supply: Connect Wallet...

Circulating Supply: Connect Wallet...

Instagram: @theonlylennybones

PRICE: 20 MATIC or 0.08 BNB