In honor of our brother, Hassan Malik, GSG Global Marketing has issued this NFT to represent a lifetime membership to the GSG Discord Server. Holding this NFT will also allow special access to private GSG events and live streams.

About This NFT

Hassan Malik NFT

While holding this asset you will be regarded as a VIP and can access hidden channels on the GSG Discord server after verifying your wallet. VIPs receive whitelist invitations to special NFT projects and free airdrops from GSG. You will also be considered part of the Alchemy Club, a more private community inside of GSG which has its own server channels.

VIPs on the GSG Discord server have access to private voice and text channels and will also receive discounts from the GSG Merchandise shop.

This maiden membership NFT has only a 301 token max supply. Multiple NFTs can be purchased and resold on the open market, however, once the membership expires on May 1st, 2023, the holder will need to swap into the current membership NFT. Previous VIPs will get to enjoy a 50% discount when swapping into the new membership NFT.

If you hold this asset, please visit OUR DISCORD CHANNEL to get your VIP server role assigned to you. Welcome to GSG! #LuckyRico


Max Supply: 0

Circulating Supply: 0


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