djSpade1 has created a library of Mixtapes over a 30 year period and is now taking advantage of Web3 and NFT technology to release his new mixes.

djSpade1 Live

Minutes of Madness Mixtape Series

Join us Monday through Friday at 1PM EST. on 101.1 Tha Fam Radio to hear a live mix by Virginia's own djSpade1. We record the mix on Friday and add it to the Minutes of Madness NFT collection on Monday. Token zero showcases Hip-Hop music and was recorded on Friday November 18th, 2022.

This NFT Series is audio only but you can watch the video stream for Token 0 inside Decentraland for a limited time.

Format: ERC-1155

Network: Polygon

Circulating Supply: Connect Wallet...

Instagram: @spade1worldwide

Twitter: @djSpade1