Community Staking Token

This special NFT is designed to allow everyone to take part in the NFT economy on our platform. The Community Staking Pool will collect 3% of NFT sales and share it with our stakeholders. There are only 5000 Community NFT's available.

About This NFT

Community Staking Token

GSG is helping artists bring their work to the Metaverse while also offering opportunity for investors, crypto enthusiast, and generally anyone to participate in this booming industry.

By staking this token you can virtually participate in every NFT drop without having to buy or own any of the artwork. The community pool collects 3% of all NFT sales and distributes 100% of the pool to stake holders.

Early adopters get rewarded at a higher rate as lower numbers in the series receive higher rewards from the pool. Your Community Staking token can also be traded on the open market if you decide to unstake it and place it for sale.


Max Supply: 0

Available Supply: 0


Before buying, you must ensure that the nature, complexity, and inherent risks are suitable for your objectives in light of your circumstances and financial position. You should understand the extent of your exposure to potential loss. GSG and its affiliates, agents, and sponsors will not be liable for any actions taken as a result of your use of this website or participation.