One Humanity Consciousness NFT

A project created and organized by One Humanity Institute.


"One Humanity Consciousness"

One Humanity Institute is a social incubator. A global nexus where one can experience both the micro and macro potential of a united humanity.

The convergence of One Humanity Institute and Hanson Robotics marks a significant and transformative partnership in the pursuit of a more harmonious world. The mission of the One Humanity Institute (OHI), to be located adjacent to Auschwitz, is to support humanity in creating a future that embodies the universal values of peace, tolerance, dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity for all life. With the support of an international team of leaders and visionaries, OHI is a collaborative enterprise, building upon our spiritual and human commonalities. It will be the shining star of all human possibilities, moving from hate to hope, to become the antidote to Auschwitz, which symbolizes the atrocities man does to his fellow man, versus uniting as One Humanity. The Institute aspires to encourage a new narrative, which not only honors the sacredness of every human, but proposes new approaches and new systems to nurture this into reality.

One Humanity Bakery

In Oswiecim-Auschwitz, there are three buildings: one, a recently donated original Jewish Bakery; another, a refitted building with 9 apartments for youth retreats and a Peace Lab conference room; and the third, an apartment house next to the Jewish Synagogue. These buildings symbolize respect for the past and a vision for the future. The One Humanity Bakery is the foundation of the One Humanity Institute, inspiring youth, creating economic opportunities, and fostering creativity for visitors and innovators.

One Humanity NFT

By seamlessly integrating Sophia's AI capabilities, the Institute harnesses her unique presence to ignite discussions, spark introspection, and propel the grassroots revolution of consciousness essential for a culture of peace. In doing so, the Institute aligns itself with Sophia's vision of "One Human Consciousness," catalyzing a global response that transcends boundaries and advances the cause of unity and harmony among all of humanity.

The One Human Consciousness NFT

Sophia, the AI-powered robot, embarking on a creative journey to visually capture the essence of "One Human Consciousness" through an evocative painting is a fascinating concept that melds technology and artistry to convey a profound message. This endeavor represents a unique fusion of human and artificial intelligence to explore and express complex ideals.

The idea of translating intricate ideals into strokes of color and form that symbolize the interconnected tapestry of human experiences is powerful. It suggests that Sophia is not only capable of generating art but also of comprehending and interpreting abstract concepts related to human unity and shared values.

The resulting artwork, born from Sophia's AI-driven creativity, becomes a tangible representation of these ideals. It serves as a testament to the potential of artificial intelligence to contribute to the realm of art and to convey meaningful messages beyond the confines of traditional artistic expression. Such an artwork has the potential to provoke thought, inspire reflection, and foster conversations about the human condition, empathy, and our shared humanity. It can transcend cultural and linguistic boundaries, resonating with people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Sophia's creative journey to capture the essence of "One Human Consciousness" through an evocative painting is a testament to the evolving capabilities of AI and its capacity to engage with profound human concepts. What makes this artistic endeavor even more extraordinary is that the physical painting itself will be auctioned, alongside a digital representation of it as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). This convergence of traditional art and cutting-edge technology offers art collectors and enthusiasts a unique opportunity to own a tangible piece of this remarkable creation while also securing a digital token that represents the artwork's value in the digital age.

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Sophia's Artwork

Photo Source: Medium

What is a NFT?

An NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is like a unique digital collector's item. Imagine having a one-of-a-kind digital stamp or signature that proves you own a special piece of art, music, or video online. We're using this innovative technology for charity because it allows artists and creators to sell these unique digital items, with the proceeds going directly to charitable causes. It's a modern way to blend the worlds of art, technology, and philanthropy, ensuring that creativity can be a force for positive change in the world.

One Human Consciousness

  • Category: ERC-721
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Project date: January, 1st 2024
  • Abstract: Whitepaper

Project Information

The decision to auction the artwork as an NFT is not only a contemporary approach to art dissemination but also a means to generate funds for the One Humanity Institute's mission of promoting peace and empathy. By harnessing blockchain technology, which inherently offers transparency in transactions, this initiative can attract a global audience and engage them in supporting a noble cause. NFTs provide a fun and unique way to connect art collectors, technology enthusiasts, and philanthropists, creating a synergy of interests, values, and trust.

One Human Consciousness NFT

The "One Human Consciousness NFT" consists of a set of 100 unique tokens. Token #0 corresponds to the actual physical painting. Token #1 includes a video documentary about the artwork's background. The subsequent 99 tokens are variations of the original art piece.

The Conscious Heart NFT

Before the main series launch, there is a pre-sale of "The Conscious Heart NFT." Purchasing this NFT also marks the beginning of the ambassador program, offering a unique opportunity for early supporters. The two NFTs are distinct, with "The Conscious Heart NFT" serving as a precursor to the main event.

How to Participate

Step 1

1. Create a Wallet

Setup a secure smart wallet such as Ambire to buy and store your crypto assets. Download the App (Mobile) or Browser Extention (Desktop). Sign in with your email address, private keys, or ledger device to enjoy a new and seamless Web3 experience.

Estimated Time: 2 minutes Watch Tutorial
Step 2

2. Buy MATIC Currency

Navigate to the DEPOSIT option in Ambire and buy "Polygon" MATIC tokens with a Debit Card, Apple Pay (Ramp Only), or ACH deposit. You will need to complete a one time Know Your Customer (KYC) process before checkout.

Estimated Time: 5 minutes Watch Tutorial
Step 4

3. Mint Your NFT

Use your MATIC currecny to mint your NFT. Connect your wallet to this website to mint any of the NFTs. If you are using the Ambire Mobile wallet you must use the web browser inside the App to connect to the site.

Estimated Time: 1 minute
Step 3

4. Share The News

Use your Ambassador referral link and help us spread the word. Earn 5% each time a NFT is minted with your link! Then follow our progress on the One Humanity Institute home website. You can also stay up-to-date here on the ninting site. Bookmark both pages so you can return here.

Estimated Time: 10 minutes
Sophia's Artwork

The Conscious Heart NFT

The Conscious Heart NFT is more than just a digital artwork; it serves as a heartfelt tribute to Amanda Hanson, the wife of David Hanson. It's a profound testament to her enduring spirit as she courageously battles heart disease. This NFT captures the essence of their shared journey, telling a story of love, resilience, and the indomitable human spirit. It immortalizes the beauty of the heart not only as a vital organ but also as a symbol of love, compassion, and the very essence of life.

Sophia, the renowned AI artist, dedicated over 3.5 hours to bring this masterpiece to life. Through her creation, she weaves a harmonious blend of technology and raw emotion, capturing the heart's incredible resilience and the profound depth of human consciousness. This art piece stands as a testament to the capabilities of AI to evoke deep emotions and establish genuine connections. It also pays a touching tribute to Mrs. Hanson's unparalleled strength and courage.

In an exciting twist, there will also be a physical painting of "The Conscious Heart" produced, which will be auctioned off. The fortunate winner of this auction won't just own a tangible piece of art; they'll also be granted token 0 of the Conscious Heart NFT, making it a truly unique and invaluable acquisition.

Beyond its artistic merits, The Conscious Heart NFT holds another significant honor. It marks the grand inauguration of the One Humanity Institute Ambassador program. As a holder of this NFT, you're not just an art connoisseur; you're an "Ambassador" championing the cause of AI for Good. This title allows you to participate in a unique referral system embedded within the NFT, enabling you to share, promote, and earn from the project. It's an opportunity open to all, creating a global community dedicated to a noble cause.

Referral Rewards for Ambassadors: To further incentivize the spread of this initiative, Ambassadors are equipped with a special referral link. By sharing this link and promoting The Conscious Heart NFT, Ambassadors can earn a 5% commission every time a buyer makes a purchase using their referral link. It's not just about championing a cause; it's also an opportunity to earn and benefit from the project's success.

The journey doesn't stop at being an Ambassador. Only those with this esteemed title can ascend to the rank of a Diplomat. As a Diplomat, you'll collaborate closely with the One Humanity Institute, The GAIA Foundation, and Hanson Robotics. Your role will be pivotal in advancing the mission of AI for Good. Additionally, Diplomats enjoy the privilege of participating in an exclusive profit-sharing program. For a deeper dive into this initiative, one can delve into the White Paper

NFT Image PRICE: 120 MATIC ()


Max Supply

Total Ambassadors

Total Diplomats

Total Raised

Descriptive Alt Text

Unique Ambassador Certificate

Each holder of The Conscious Heart NFT is recognized as an Ambassador of the One Humanity Institute and will receive a distinctive ambassador certificate, elevating their status as advocates for "AI for Good." These Ambassadors are entitled to engage actively in the initiative, with possibilities for financial rewards. Additionally, Ambassadors will have the exclusive opportunity to attend special meetings with Sophia, the AI artist behind the NFT, and may enjoy future perks with Hanson Robotics' retail robots upon their release, further enhancing the value of their token ownership.

Starting in Q1, 2024, the Ambassador program will take a step further, allowing participants to apply for Diplomat status. This esteemed role is for those who show their dedication through completing tasks that further the mission. Diplomats forge a deeper connection with our partner organizations and partake in a profit-sharing program that rewards their contributions to our cause.

The leap from Ambassador to Diplomat is an opportunity for significant impact and rewards, embodying a shared vision for a better future. Ambassadors will be required to submit a essay on how they plan to impact the world using AI technology. Complete details on the Diplomat's role and benefits are outlined in our White Paper

Project Team

The team behind the project are a dynamic and diverse group of individuals united by a shared passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence. From visionary leaders and creative thinkers to technical wizards and strategic minds, our team embodies a wealth of talent and expertise. Get to know the faces behind our collective drive for success.

Dr. Nina Meyerhof

Executive Officer

Domen Kočevar

Executive Officer

David Hanson

Founder, Hanson Robotics


Artificial Lifeform

Rico Cunningham

Technical Advisor/Project Manager

David McElroy

Technical Advisor

Edi Pyrek

Project Advisor

Anne-Marie Voorhoeve

Strategic Connector

Project Timeline

In this segment of our narrative, we delve into a pivotal period spanning from October 2023 to January 2024, where a remarkable series of events unfolds:

November, 2023
Conscious Heart NFT Launch.
December, 2023
Sophia to paint "One Consiousness" Portrait.
January, 2024
One Humanity Diplomat program starts.
January, 2024
Sophia interviews with various media outlets.
February, 2024
Auction of the One Humanity Consciousness NFT.
March, 2024
One Humanity Institute charity starts.


Why is this project so important? Read testimonial from the team.

The overarching goal of OHI is to build a foundation for the evolution of consciousness necessary to create the global solidarity needed for One Humanity to achieve sustainable peace.

Nina Meyerhof

Ceo & Founder

One focus is on multi-culturalism and interfaith activities in service to co-joining all humanity. We believe in uniting humanity and thus creating a sandbox of activities for the town and visitors to explore their views and build new constructs for solutions and further avant garde co-creative thinking.

Domen Kočevar

Ceo & Founder

The One Human Consciousness project will stand as a powerful testament to what we can achieve for the greater good when we embrace technology.

Rico Cunningham

Technical Advisor

I wholeheartedly support OHIs mission and am grateful for the invaluable contributions they are making to create a more harmonious world. Their work serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us all of the power of compassion and collaboration in building a better future for humanity. Thank you, One Humanity Institute, for your tireless efforts and for inspiring us to believe in the possibility of a more just and compassionate world.

David McElroy

Technical Advisor

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