Let me start by saying this is not financial advice, and I am not trying to sell you anything. I would like to earn your trust and show you certain tools and programs that I use myself each day to earn income. If you find value here and use any of the platforms I may promote, my company will earn a small profit if you decide to buy a product or service they may offer. I do not collect cookies or save any of your personal information on this website. If you share your personal information with any third party here, please use caution and always read the terms and agreements. I only promote ideas and information that I believe will be good for people to use, however investing without the proper education is risky, and you could lose your money if you don't ask questions.


I have been working professionally in the Information Technology field as a Solutions Consultant for over 22 years. My passions are music and business primarily, but helping people overcome the technology leap into cryptocurrency is becoming a bigger passion now. I am also a DJ and Music Producer, having worked in the Entertainment Industry for over 30 years. Since a young teen I would cut grass, deliver newspapers, make products, entertain people, and just plain out hustle to create income for myself. My goal here is to expose you to alternative way's to make money, while also teaching you how to invest in cryptocurrency and other assets to preserve your overall financial wealth. I am personally using the products I am promoting, and have substantially improved my own financial situation from implementing a personal financial strategy. Here is my story:

Join a Community

I decided that in order for me to change my situation, I needed to change my circles. I needed to learn from people much smarter than myself, so I slowly turned away from things that were distracting me from my personal development, and started learning how to trade stocks. After losing enough money, I soon realized that I needed more education.

So, in 2017 I spent many hours learning about all things financial. I needed to really know what money was really all about. I understood that Gold was real money and decided to join a networking company who had a business model centered around Gold bullion. The company also had an ambitious plan to back cryptocurrency with gold, which ultimately led to the regulatory demise of the project. During this time, I launched my YouTube channel "The Gold Standard GRP" to talk to a wider audience about owning gold as wealth preservation. We also extended our channel to LBRY TV and TWITCH TV in order to reach wider audiences.

While building my networking business, I completed several Blockchain and digital currency related courses to enhance my technical knowledge of blockchains. I knew my technical background would come into play as I learned how to apply smart contracts and create decentralized applications. I started a paid private community at Patreon for those YouTube and networking partners who wanted to learn more and had become acquainted with my mentorship style. My primary goal in Patreon is education, and have actually paid my community members crypto to take courses and learn new things. I have 3 membership tiers, and they all come with certain perks. This is a monthly subscription which you can cancel at any time.

I also started a FREE community on DISCORD to help interested people through the learning process. Patreon members get special access to private information, but Discord is the place to chat with our community out in the open. I like Discord because I can directly connect to the people who are using this information and may need advice or technical assistance. Alternatively, we created the public facing Facebook page Opportunity Central as a place where all people can share business opportunities.

Applying the Information

Personal development involves learning new ideas, but also applying those ideas and best practices to your life. If you strive to be financially free, then you must learn how to save or invest more than you spend. If this is a problem, then you need to earn more income. This is why I adopted affiliate marketing as a source of new income and found tools that I could earn from referring others to use. As money started to flow in from marketing, I learned how to trade cryptocurrency as an additional income stream. The following are tools and programs that I use for creating wealth. These programs and tools require time to learn and or understand. Wealth is not created overnight, but instead over a course of time. Your work ethic is the primary driving factor in your success.

Trading View is a window into the markets. No matter if you are trading Gold, Stocks, or Crypto, you will need to know market conditions and learn trading strategies. This is my #1 go-to charting system to read the markets and plan my trades. Do not let all the numbers and lines turn you away from learning how to use this tool. Register a free account or subscribe monthly. If you decide to pay for a subscription, I earn credits towards my own paid services.

Many of the opportunities I share with my community require owning crypto in order to participate. A great place to buy and hold your crypto is on Voyager Exchange. This is a centrally managed Canadian exchange where you can change fiat dollars into crypto assets pretty easily. I also like that Voyager is a publicly traded company, and they have their own crypto coin $VGX. You will need to complete an identity verification on this exchange before you can move your crypto off the platform.

The 80/20 project started in 2019 in the Patreon community as the first major defi application deployed by the GSG Marketing Group. This is a dividend paying platform for holders of The 80/20 contract token "GS50". The 50 as we like to call it, is a ERC-20 token on the Binance Smart chain and is used inside the GSG Ecosystem to play games, earn income, and buy items. The 80/20 ecosystem is a place where creators and investors can come together as we launch NFT's for many creative categories, all while GS50 token holders earn dividends on the art drops! You will need BSC, ETH, or MATIC and a crypto wallet such as Meta Mask or Trust Wallet in order to transact with this platform. If you have never created a crypto wallet before, you should join our Discord or Patreon community to learn how to protect and backup your wallet.

If you are familiar with the power of NFT's, then you should know about the GSG Official. Holders of this NFT can use it in The 80/20 staking pool to receive additional earnings from the sale of NFT's on The 80/20 platform. Holding both GS50 and The GSGO NFT will increase your yield, so get yours before the limited supply is gone! The link directs you to Open Sea to perform your transaction.

Growing Assets and Decreasing Liability

Much of what I do is help people change their mindsets. I am teaching that average incomes cannot overcome rising inflation prices, especially in the United States. We are possibly one more pandemic away from total economic collapse of monetary systems and supply chains around the world. Unfortunately, many are not paying attention and won't be prepared. This is why I learned how to trade not only crypto, but also stocks and options. The more exposure I had in all asset classes started offsetting the amount of liability (car note, house note, utility bills) I also owned. This is where the financial freedom starts happening.

In 2020, I joined the DCG Mastermind group to get more trading and strategy experience. I have become very good friends with the founder Jamar James and found so much value in joining DCG. This was a crucial step in improving my income as I became more confident in my swing and day trading skills. DCG is designed to transform the beginner or average trader into a profitable full time trader. The cost to join this elite group is $500 USD per month, and I highly recommend joining if you want to become a serious trader in crypto and stocks. I will earn a small referral bonus if you use my link in the DCG logo.

If you are not quite ready to become a member of DCG, you can utilize the DCG Mastermind Monthly Report. This report covers current trends for the Stock Market, Futures Market, and also the DeFi and Crypto Markets. This advanced Oracle report has been a helpful tool to find new opportunities to make profit. The cost for this report is $200 per month, and I will make a small commission if you use my referral link to order the report. Except for private DCG material such as the MMR, many of the best practices I learn from the Master Mind I also teach to my Patreon community.

During this journey, I learned that there is no single way to earn income. My strategy is to create a minimum of 7 streams of consistent income, but as many as I can reasonably manage. Why so many? It's simple, to outpace inflation, to remain financially free, and to leave a legacy for generations. I also understand that fiat currency is slowly dying, and we need to be ahead of the disastrous trend. The GS Partners program is great for Network Marketers who understand team building and growing networks. They offer a generous compensation structure for marketing the technology behind the G999 Blockchain. If you use my referral link, I will become your sponsor and can help you set your goals within the GS Partners Network. You must register as a customer first.

Performance Optimization

You will find that once you start to become more skilled, your income will start to reflect your growth. For me, as I became more knowledgeable in blockchain, I attracted people who wanted to learn and use the technology. I found myself on phone calls and meetings with people all day breaking down the information about the various opportunities. Hours of training and mentoring was taking a toll, so it was time for me to become more organized and hire people to help me with my business and vision.

Fiverr is a great platform to find the people who are more skilled than yourself. No matter if your need a data entry person, or a graphic designer you can find them on Fiverr. Using this service drastically improved my efficiency and I am able to gain back many hours I was spending in development and design. Of course if you use my referral link I will make a small commission on your purchase.

Another tool I started using is 10to8 booking service to increase my efficiency. This booking service allows me to manage my calendar and time better. My phone inbox and emails stay full of messages from people who need help or have business proposals for me to review, and I was finding I was spending too much time organizing my clients. This is why I started having my appointments created in the 10to8 platform. I can set up paid consulting services through 10to8 and have it all linked to PayPal. If you decide to use my referral link, I will get a free month off my service! Thanks!

Digital Ocean is not for everyone, but if you want to host a MasterNode, host a website, or build basically anything, you can run your software on this platform. There are many opportunities for developers and creators here. My referral link is attached.

I know I have laid out quite a few things here, and you may want to discuss your options. You can use my logo image to book time on my calendar. Right now all of my sessions are on Zoom and I have no plans to do any in person consulting. Initial meetings are free, but I do charge a fee for more detailed mentorship. Go ahead and book your session today!

Have fun Learning

Ultimately, you want to enjoy wealth building. It's extremely important to work hard, but more important to play hard! The Blockchain industry is expanding into more industries like Travel, Shopping, and also Gaming! NFT technology is allowing creators to build things that are fun and interactive that can also be used to earn passive income. I see this trend being accelerated due to Covid conditions because people are wary about being around each other. Now more and more people are exploring Virtual and Augmented realities inside of blockchain projects.

Defi Gaming is growing in popularity and the GS Partners program is developing the Lydian World game where players can become citizens and officials of other countries, and can earn rewards for holding a position. The game is tied directly to the defi income being generated in the physical world through the GS Lifestyle debt card and other assets of the Gold Standard Bank. If you decided to play this game, you will learn about XLT token and how the GSB is tokenizing property around the world! Register as a customer and start playing the game today!

You might be amazed to find out that you can own virtual land, build a virtual building, and then run a virtual experience game right from the SandBox platform. This is another NFT powered metaverse that is allowing people to create alternative virtual worlds to explore and have social experiences. I have invested in this platform and also own land here. This is something you may want to keep on your radar.

Upland is a property trading game that maps real addresses and mints NFT's on the EOS blockchain. You can own and build on the property then trade it in the market.

In Closing

At the end of the day, most folks want an easy way to sustain their lifestyle. I know, with the proper training, it's pretty easy to do. It's really a personal decision you must make to change your circumstances. Take the courses. Attend the trainings. Do the research and you will be fine. If you have any questions about any of the information on this site, do not hesitate to contact me. Serious business partnerships are always welcome for review.

Thank you for your time and attention, and I hope to see you at the top.

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We are independent business partners of the GSG Networking Team. We  are not financial advisors.  We save gold and cryptocurrency while also utilizing affiliate marketing tools to earn residual income. We do not guarantee specific results as it depends on the effort of the individual. We stand behind this business model and encourage everyone over 18 to join us.

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