Charged Up Entertainment

Hip Hop artist & entrepreneur Noah-O and his brand of digital collectibles. Available on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.

Charged Up NFT

Monument Avenue

In 2014 Hip Hop artist & entrepreneur Noah-O collaborated with producer Taylor Whitelow to release Noah-O's debut album "Monument Avenue" independently through Noah-O's Charged Up Entertainment record label. Considered an underground classic, "Monument Avenue" was a window into growing up as a Filipino & African American in Richmond, Virginia.

Faced with a crossroads of identity, would Richmond continue to be known as the Capital of the Confederate South or build a legacy built on inclusion, artistic creativity and true freedom for all peoples? Spearheaded by the tragic loss of George Floyd & Breonna Taylor, in 2021 The Commonwealth of Virginia made the decision to dismantle these symbols of oppression and included "Monument Avenue" in a new time capsule installed at the base of the former Robert E. Lee monument.

Rarity Levels: 10 Red - 25 Black - 25 Purple - 40 Green - 185 Grey - 715 Yellow

Rare items are randomly placed through the entire series. Each NFT has its serial number in the artwork. Visit Monument Avenue on Opensea to see the current supply and animated movie.

Format: ERC-721

Network: Polygon and BSC

Max Supply: Connect Wallet...

Circulating Supply: Connect Wallet...

Instagram: @chargedupnoaho

PRICE: 40 MATIC or 0.1 BNB